Photo Shoots with Gregg Overton & Crios Photography

Candid Photos

Peace from Israel Trip
While Visiting family in Israel, I sent this picture to my friend.
The Secret Garden
Walking around in bliss with my Dog.
Steaming my vocal chords before and post shows.
With Janine Zarilli at Mousetrap Caf
Ready for my PATV Show interview and performance. :)
When your sister gets married!! :) Mazal Tov!
Me and My Mommy
My mother's 70th birthday and wedding anniversary - out on the shores of Bat Yam, Israel.
Mousetrap Cafe gig.
Mousetrap Cafe gig
Phil Richards and I. Before show.
She got her hair did!
My sister gave me her wedding bouquet. I guess I'll be getting married at some point..... but to whom???
Mousetrap Cafe Gig
Tommy Maher and I. Co- Owner of Mousetrap Cafe and Madhouse TV.
Relaxing (laying down) in Montauk at Montauket. (Pub)
With Helder Guimaraes
After watching Helder's inspiring and magnificent off Broadway Magic show, Verso, my magician friend Pat and I got to say hello and hang out for a bit.
Bat Yam Shore in Israel
In Massachusetts!
In Jaffa, Israel
This was my Father's childhood home in Jaffa. We are on the Balcony. The lovely lady, who wants to remain nameless, lives there with her beautiful family. We sat for hours and, drank Arabic coffee and Arabic style cookies.. homemade.
I can do hair too!
Coloring my friends hair. One of my hidden talents.
One of my upcoming show posters!
Paddy Power
Performed at Paddy Power in Merrick, NY
At Airport before I took off.
When you hang out with a long lost cousin! :)
Before a gig.  My guitar!
My love!  She's so happy!
Cancer benefit at Paddy Power.
Walking around in Tel-Aviv.
At Cafe Cafe with Mom!
At the Airport, Israel.
Mousetrap Cafe Gig
Promo Poster Pic!
Live at The Living Room
2013 in NYC @ The Living Room. Performed Jewel's hit single, Foolish Games.
Healing well...#tattoo  By the way _artistdee is the artist behind this tat
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The Secret Garden

Walking around in bliss with my Dog.