Welcome to the Official Karen Bella Page!  

Forward in APRIL!

Review of March

My EP, 'Karen Bella' was officially re-released in March 2021 and it felt

GREAT!  A lot of hard work was put into getting all the puzzle pieces 

together to create some buzz.  BUT it's not over yet.  It's only the beginning.  Songs from my EP was played in numerous Internet and Radio stations in the UK, DE, CA and throughout the USA!!!

Updated Shows

Currently, I am booking live shows throughout now into the end of the year.  So you will have many opportunities to catch me live.  There are also a few interviews/live performances that will be available to watch through Instagram.  I will post about it in my News Blog and Shows pages.  So stay tuned!

Radio Airplay

It's been so amazing to hear my songs being played on the radio. 

Isn't it every musicians dream to turn on their car radio and hear their song playing through radio channels!?!?!  SO cool! 

Here is a list of some of the stations that played my music. 

Even more grand, my song, Jack Honey, got on one of Long Island's top Rock stations, 94.3FM The Shark!!!  That's commercial Radio! :) 



- Orlando - 94.3FM THE SHARK 3/14/21 SUnday 'Jack Honey'

- Artie Martello "Power Folk" on bluesandrootsradio.com, and "Mostly Folk" on WIOX

- Carolyn VandeWiele "Tuesday Morning Mix" on WFHB, 

- Chris Kocher  "The Signal" on WHRW 

- Colin Fielding "Folk n Roots" on  3INR (Australia)

- Joltin Joe Pszonek "The Train Wreck" on www.folkmusicnotebook.com

- Jim Gilliland "The Music Gallery" on WRUW 

- Jersey Jim (James Sereda) "The Spin Zone" on WUSB 

- Kevin Elliott   WEFT "From the Joshua Tree Inn"

- Mara Noelle  "Click Your Heels Together" on KVMR  

- Nick Noble  "The Folk Revival" on WICN

- Robin Haigh - Beat Route Radio - UK

- Anthony Paul - South Devon South Radio - UK

- Paul Stuart - Super Sound Radio - Scotland

- Grant Henderson - 107.8 Black Diamond FM

- Jason Maddocks -  www.phonic.fm - UK

- 107.1 The Peak - 937 Local Segment

More things are in the works such as

photo shoots, videos and more!


In the meantime, continue to browse

this webpage and check things out! 

Stay healthy!




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