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FALL 2020

To be honest, it's been quite the year.  Lots of ups and downs for many of us...both personally and career wise. 
As some of you may know, there are laws coming into effect which are temporarily limiting or stopping live music at venues, music establishments and so on.  Some performers aren't said to perform until mid 2021. 

Let's hope we can make a change to keep music in action.

I am very lucky that (even with an injured wrist) I get to perform at different places that are considered "incidental" as it is part of the dining experience.   And am even more lucky that I have great music friends who have been playing the guitar on my behalf until I can pick up the guitar myself.  

So far there are good results with my healing.  I have a few more months to go.  Thankfully, I can play the piano for it is easy on my left hand and therefore will begin incorporating keys with my duo gigs.  That's really exciting because it allows me to challenge myself as a piano player - while I am used to playing guitar in front of an audience.  In a way, getting hurt might just take me out of my comfort zone - which is what makes a musician improve. 

Anyhoooooo, Please join me by keeping LIVE MUSIC ALIVE.  
Come out to shows when you can (with masks).
Support original recorded music by purchasing CD's/itunes etc including Merchandise. 
And share us artists on your social media! 

Viva la musica!


Love always, 

Karen Bella

Photography: Jennifer Maggio

The record is OUT!
No one would have ever imagined this release would happen during such an increasing epidemic.
But music is always here.
I hope you enjoy the songs.
A lot of hard work was put into this.
2 years of work.

Josh Dion produced and played on this record - his talent and originality leaves me speechless. ☺️

Amazing musicians are featured on the tracks too!
Teddy Kumpel - you amaze me! 

Geoff Kraly - Bass genius.
Ryan Scott - plays such great slide guitar/bass.
Chris Parker - just superb.. and what a fantastic sound on guitar.

Mixed and engineered by Jake Lummus.
Grand Street Recording

Mastered by Nate Wood.

All songs written by Karen Bella

Thanks to Elizabeth Lauren West for the fantastic Artwork.
And Jennifer Maggio for the photo! 🙂

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, CD baby!

Physical CD's, Digital and Merch also available on bandcamp. 


Radio Host, Bob Bennett, at WUSB 90.1fm (Stonybrook University) Radio, wrote an incredible article which visits Long Island's musicians/music life during COVID-19.  

The last paragraph is a review of Bob's TOP PICK ALBUM during the pandemic! - Which is my EP! 

Click HERE to read the article/review. 

NEWS12 Long Island - Keeping Music Alive via Live Stream During Coronavirus Pandemic - Helping Musicians Earn Money

NEWS12 Long Island - Keeping Music Alive via Live Stream During Coronavirus Pandemic - Helping Musicians Earn Money

Look MOM! I'm on TV!

On April 28th 2020 Karen was featured in New York's NEWSDAY on the cover of NEWSDAY'S second section as well as a written article  along with Singer songwriters: Nico Padden, Christine Sweeney, Rorie Kelly and Laurie Anne Creus
Click Photo for Article Link
Karen NEWSDAY.png

Upcoming Shows

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10/22 - Indigo Restaurant Bar

Patchogue, NY

6pm - 9pm


10/23 - Drift 82

Patchogue, NY

6pm - 9pm

10/24 - Shore House

Long Beach, NY

6pm - 9pm

10/25 - The Village Idiot

Patchogue, NY

10am - 12:30pm




Top Local Music Album Pick - Karen Bella

Karen Bella released her debut EP with a release party at Rockwood Music Hall, on the eve of the COVID-19 lockdown, and this record is just what we needed to take us through these strange times. Karen’s voice is simultaneously soothing and invigorating, and right out of the gate she grabs our attention in “Fly”, the opening track, and continues to enthrall us with “Indio”, into the uplifting and inspirational “Needle in the Hay”. “Good Morning” paints a beautiful picture of love and intimacy, then Karen brings out the big guns for the next track “Jack Honey”, a captivating tune made perfect by Karen’s sultry vocals. She then takes us out easy with “San Andreas”.

This is an EP that you will find yourself listening to over and over again. The tunes are captivating, the production is exceptional, and the vocal performance is amazing. You’ll want to see Karen perform live, either via live stream or eventually in person when possible. She’s doing a lot of live stream performances now, so check out her facebook page for her schedule and archives of previous live streams.

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